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FINALLY! The Limited Edition of Joe Pulver's sensational Weird anthology THE MADNESS OF DR. CALIGARI is actually BEING BOUND, so PRE-ORDERS open now. With slipcases already in hand, expect shipping around mid-month! ....... the new HP Lovecraft's "Fungi From Yuggoth and Other Poems" read by WIll Hart and scored by Graham Plowman-- our 21st-Century reading with a dozen more HPL poems---- John Pelan's DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND, both TRADE and LIMITED EDITION only 100 copies for sale-- -----Both Trade and LIMITED EDITION COPIES are also still available of AWAITING STRANGE GODS, by Darrell Schweitzer--his Weird and Lovecraftian Fictions------Shop our catalogue or CONTACT: Fedogan@millenicom.com or telephone/text at 208-880-7690

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